Glass in Georgetown

For over five decades, Alamo Glass, Inc. has been honored to serve the incomparable Georgetown community. A reputation for high-quality products and exceptional customer service sets our locally owned and locally operated company apart. With a focus on professionalism, experience, and reliability, each member of our team is dedicated to bringing our customers’ visions to fruition. If you’re seeking the utmost quality in residential and commercial glass services, our fully licensed, bonded, and insured company is the number to call.

The track record we’ve built in the community is due in part to our work on popular storefronts like Schlotzsky’s, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and Papa John’s Pizza. While we appreciate the opportunity to work with prestigious companies, we find it even more rewarding when small businesses and homeowners select us for their commercial and residential glass needs. Led by owner Rick Tipple, our team takes a sincere interest in your glass project and your overall satisfaction. Serving each new customer is a joy, and we relish the opportunity to tackle new and unique challenges. Come see our showroom just north of Airport Blvd. on North Lamar Monday through Friday, or reach out via phone to learn more about how we can achieve every goal you’ve set for your next project!

Comprehensive Glass Solutions in the Georgetown Area

Alamo Glass specializes in delivering tailored glass services that cater to the specific needs of your residential or commercial project. The skilled professionals on our team offer their expertise in commercial glass installations and repairs, prioritizing safety, functionality, and visual appeal. We specialize in crafting custom bath and shower glass solutions with luxurious enclosures and personalized designs that enhance the atmosphere of your bathroom. We are dedicated to producing mirrors that don’t simply promise style, but also serve a purpose, providing options like vanity mirrors and decorative wall mirrors. Our impeccable tabletops blend precision and flair to bring sophistication to any residential or corporate setting. Our window and door glass replacements ensure flawless installations and utilize premium materials to boost safety and energy efficiency. Immerse yourself in our textured glass collection, where each option brings a unique blend of privacy of sophistication to your space. For all your glass necessities, rely on the professionals at our glass company in Georgetown to go above and beyond to deliver exceptional outcomes that exceed your expectations.

Glass Repair

Choose Alamo Glass for rapid and effective glass repairs that swiftly bring safety and functionality back to your space. The dedicated professionals on our glass service crew handle a wide array of issues, from damage and break-ins to insulation problems and BB holes, with expertise and care. Count on us to efficiently address any glass-related accidents and restore your property to its previous state.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass stands out as a flexible option because it’s perfectly suited for a wide range of uses, particularly within commercial environments. Its exceptional soundproofing capabilities make it an excellent choice for offices, meeting spaces, and retail fronts alike. Its use in safety glazing is widespread because it doesn’t shatter into sharp pieces, so injury risks are diminished. Contact Alamo Glass to benefit from our skilled installation and exceptional performance.

Decorative Glass

Elevate the ambiance of your space with an extensive collection of decorative glass options, featuring textures, colors, and other innovative designs. Discover bespoke excellence with our custom glass offerings, featuring options like custom sizes, laminated variations, or beveled finishes. Upgrade the look and feel of your home or business environment with our exclusive decorative glass offerings.

Tinted Glass

Explore the diversity of our tinted glass collection, featuring shades like gray, green, blue, and bronze. Privacy, glare reduction, and aesthetic appeal are top reasons why customers choose tinted glass for their projects. Tinted glass finds its way into both residential and commercial settings, used in doors, windows, and partitions with practical advantages and an improved aesthetic.

Plate Glass

At Alamo Glass, we’re masters of plate glass design, offering comprehensive services for repairs, replacements, customizations, and installations. The expertise of our professionals extends to the precise handling of non-safety glass, commonly known as “float glass.” Our glass store excels in every facet of plate glass solutions, ensuring durable and visually appealing results that perfectly complement your unique style.

Cabinet and Pantry Glass

Customize your kitchen space with decorative cabinet glass or upgrade your pantry with our versatile tempered glass doors. Leave it to our team to handle installations with finesse, achieving a perfect balance between style and usability in your space. Discover a wide range of cabinet glass design options, including rain glass, frosted, acid-etched, and more. Choose tempered glass for your pantry doors in a variety of hues to match your style and elevate the visual charm of your space. Opt for glass replacement to revamp your furnishings and bring elegance and sophistication to your home.

Commercial Glass

Our commercial glass service is top-notch, especially when it comes to addressing repairs. Our variety of services covers everything from installing to repairing and replacing storefront glass, windows, glass doors, and office partitions. Our skilled professionals excel in addressing emergencies promptly and effectively, managing various issues like BB holes, break-ins, accidental damage, or failed insulation units. We acknowledge the crucial significance of maintaining a safe and efficient business environment, which is why we focus on prompt responses and dependable glass repairs to improve safety and security within your commercial space.

Glass Replacement

Transform your living or working space with our top-notch glass replacement services. Embrace tailored glass solutions that elevate your space, from upgraded window and door glass for enhanced energy efficiency to replacement tabletops, mirrors, and cabinets. Experience unparalleled craftsmanship and superior materials with every installation carried out by our glass company’s expert team. Glass replacement isn’t just a cost-effective solution that allows you to repair items instead of replacing them, but it also elevates the aesthetic appeal of your space with lasting durability.

Warranty and Quality Assurance

Alamo Glass prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring that our products exceed expectations and provide lasting durability. Our extended 3-year glass breakage warranty and lifetime seal warranty guarantee enduring strength and customer confidence. Our promise of delivering exceptional results stems from our unwavering dedication to unmatched craftsmanship and attention to detail. Trust our Georgetown glass specialists to offer consistent, reliable solutions and prioritize your satisfaction through exceptional service.

Tempered Glass

Safety glass, commonly known as tempered glass, is hailed for its exceptional robustness and safety advantages. It’s the go-to solution for glass installations that call for long-lasting and reliable durability, such as shower enclosures, doors, and windows. We take a multi-step approach to ensure that your tempered glass meets every safety requirement. We are dedicated to offering you priceless peace of mind and the guarantee of its dependability.

Window Repair

Revamp your home environment with our customizable window repair solutions. We’re skilled in performing efficient repairs on single and double-pane windows with precision. If your windows are damaged, it can lead to reduced energy efficiency, discomfort, and a decline in your home’s appearance. Enhance your home’s functionality and appearance with expert window repairs from our trusted Georgetown glass service.

High-Performance Glass Coatings

Explore the groundbreaking benefits of innovative glass coatings, such as Low-E windows that are meticulously developed for top-notch UV defense and supreme energy efficiency. Our glass shop in Georgetown hires the most adept technicians who conduct meticulous installations to improve insulation for reduced cooling and heating expenses. Explore the perks of decreased energy usage and improved comfort levels while shielding your interiors against harmful UV rays. Enhancing your space through our top-notch coatings is a sustainable and budget-friendly choice!

Custom Glass Services

Our custom glass offerings are thoughtfully designed to accommodate your unique preferences and specifications. Count on our meticulous glass cutting process for seamless integration and top-notch quality in your customized glass installations, from tabletops to insulated window units and beyond. Our goal is to offer customized solutions that elevate the visual appeal and practicality of homes and businesses alike. The cornerstone of our work is our precision and meticulous attention to detail, resulting in projects that fully embody your vision.

Textured Glass

Enhance your space with our textured glass options, such as acid-etched, frosted glass, rain glass, and numerous other options. Our designs, such as glue chip, fluted, beveled, and reeded glass, guarantee a breathtaking and personalized appearance. Each option embodies a unique sense of elegance and privacy, perfectly fitting into your design scheme while embracing the natural light that enhances your space. Tailor your glass with typical obscured styles, or go for distinct, unique shapes for a genuinely awe-inspiring look.

Stop by today and experience the Alamo Glass difference for yourself, or give us a call at (512) 452-5731 for more information about our wide range of glass solutions.