Glass in Leander

Alamo Glass, Inc. has been an integral part of the vibrant Leander community for over five decades. We have established a stellar reputation for our locally owned and operated business due to our unmatched customer service and superior products. Our crew is made up of highly reliable, skilled, and professional individuals, all eager to meet our customers’ needs every day. When it comes to finding the finest commercial or residential glass services, your search ends here with our licensed, bonded, and insured business.

Our track record in the community is due in part to our contributions to familiar storefronts in the region, including Papa John’s Pizza, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and Schlotzsky’s. We take great pride in providing our services to renowned corporations, but it’s especially gratifying when small businesses and homeowners place their trust in us for their commercial and residential glass requirements. Our owner, Rick Tipple, has assembled a crew that shares his sincere dedication to excellence in glass solutions and his genuine love for Leander. Our dedication to customer service is unwavering, and we embrace new challenges as opportunities for learning and improvement. Drop by our showroom on North Lamar, just north of Airport Blvd., from Monday to Friday, or get in touch with us over the phone to discuss how we can meet all the goals you’ve set for your next project!

Comprehensive Glass Solutions in the Leander Area

At Alamo Glass, we excel in providing a wide spectrum of glass services that are meticulously customized to fulfill the unique needs of your residential or commercial space. Our experienced experts stand out for their proficiency in handling commercial glass installations and repairs, emphasizing functionality, safety, and beauty every step of the way. We excel in providing bath and shower glass solutions, delivering exquisite enclosures and unique designs that elevate the overall environment of your bathroom. Our expertise extends to designing mirrors that don’t just beautify, but also optimize the functionality of your space, including vanity mirrors and decorative wall mirrors. Characterized by precision and refined style, our tabletops are designed to enhance the style and usability of your home or office environment. Our window and door glass replacement services promise seamless installations and utilize superior materials to reinforce safety and enhance energy efficiency. Discover an array of textured glass options, each designed to bring a distinct sense of refinement and privacy to your space. Our glass company in Leander is dedicated to meeting your needs and delivering results that are nothing short of exceptional for all your glass requirements.

Tinted Glass

Discover a variety of colors in our tinted glass selection, from rich bronze to serene blue, sophisticated gray, and lush green. Tinted glass is a versatile choice for customers looking to achieve privacy, reduce glare, or add a touch of sophistication. From homes to offices, tinted glass is a staple. It offers both utility and a boost in visual appeal to partitions, windows, and doors.

Decorative Glass

Transform your space with an array of decorative glass options, ranging from textured to colored variations and more. Achieve personalized elegance with our custom glass solutions, showcasing features like custom sizes, laminated varieties, and beveled edges. Personalize your space and create a unique atmosphere with our exquisite range of decorative glass options.

High-Performance Glass Coatings

Unlock the revolutionary capabilities of modern glass coatings, including Low-E windows, which provide superior UV protection and are crafted to enhance energy efficiency. At our glass shop in Leander, our adept technicians guarantee precise installations that improve insulation to reduce heating and cooling costs. Enjoy the benefits of diminished energy use and elevated comfort, all while safeguarding your interiors from the detrimental effects of UV rays. Enhancing your space with our cutting-edge coatings is a sustainable and economically sound decision!

Plate Glass

Alamo Glass is a leader in plate glass design, providing impeccable services that include installations, customizations, repairs, and replacements. Our team of seasoned professionals is well-versed in the nuances of non-safety glass, also known as “float glass.” At our glass store, we prioritize excellence in plate glass solutions, crafting durable and visually appealing designs that harmonize with your distinctive style.

Window Repair

Experience a complete revitalization of your home’s ambiance with our window repair services. Count on our team for quick and reliable repairs for both single and double-pane windows. The condition of your windows impacts energy efficiency, comfort, and the appearance of your home. Turn to our Leander glass service for dependable and effective window repairs that enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home.

Glass Replacement

Enhance the appeal of your office or home with our professional glass replacement services. Step into a realm of personalized glass solutions designed to enhance energy efficiency, replace damaged tabletops, and enhance cabinets and mirrors with a fresh new look. Our glass company’s adept team guarantees installations that are both seamless and utilize top-notch materials to ensure enduring quality. Embracing glass replacement doesn’t just offer economical benefits by repairing existing items rather than replacing them, but also elevates the aesthetic appeal of your environment with a sturdy and trustworthy solution.

Commercial Glass

When it comes to commercial glass service, we stand out – especially in the realm of repairs. We cater to a diverse range of needs, covering installations, repairs, and replacements for glass doors, storefronts, office partitions, and windows. Count on our capable team to handle emergencies with speed and expertise, addressing issues such as break-ins, failed insulation units, accidental damage, and BB holes. We recognize the great significance of maintaining a safe and functional business environment, which is why we focus on timely responses and trustworthy glass repairs to enhance safety and security within your commercial space.

Warranty and Quality Assurance

Alamo Glass upholds a strong commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction by ensuring that our products always meet the highest standards. With our 3-year glass breakage warranty and lifetime seal warranty, you can enjoy lasting durability and worry-free ownership. Expect nothing but the best from us as we strive to surpass your expectations with our unmatched commitment to superior craftsmanship. Rely on our Leander glass professionals for dependable solutions and a service level that revolves around your satisfaction.

Cabinet and Pantry Glass

Transform your kitchen ambiance with personalized cabinet glass or elevate your pantry’s aesthetics using our durable tempered glass doors. With our team at the helm, expect installations that seamlessly integrate both style and function to elevate the appeal and usability of your space. Delve into a selection of patterns for cabinet glass, including rain glass, frosted, acid-etched, and more. Elevate the style of your pantry doors by choosing tempered glass in various colors to create a strikingly unique look. Give your existing pieces a new lease on life with glass replacement to enhance their appeal and functionality.

Glass Repair

Turn to Alamo Glass for timely and efficient glass repair solutions that restore safety and functionality to your surroundings. Our highly skilled glass service specialists are equipped to handle damage, break-ins, insulation failures, and BB holes with meticulous attention and expertise. Leave your glass-related mishaps to us – we’ll handle them with efficiency and restore your property’s appearance seamlessly.

Textured Glass

Elevate your interior design scheme with our textured glass collection, featuring, frosted glass, rain glass, acid-etched glass, and a wide range of other varieties. Embrace a captivating and tailored appearance with our range of patterns, including beveled, reeded, glue chip, and fluted glass. Every option offers a distinct blend of elegance and privacy enhancement, inviting in natural light and seamlessly blending with your design scheme. Make your glass uniquely yours by delving into unique, custom shapes or selecting a traditional, obscured pattern for an undeniably chic look.

Laminated Glass

The adaptability of laminated glass makes it an outstanding choice across various applications, particularly in commercial spaces. With its outstanding sound-dampening qualities, it’s a natural fit for meeting areas, office spaces, and retail establishments. It’s often employed in safety glazing due to its ability to stay in one piece upon breakage and reduce the potential for harm. Reach out to Alamo Glass for professional installation and outstanding results.

Tempered Glass

Safety glass, also known as tempered glass, is renowned for its remarkable durability and safety features. For glass installation applications that call for high durability, such as shower enclosures, windows, or doors,, it is the gold standard. Our detailed process ensures that your tempered glass meets all the necessary safety specifications. We strive to give you priceless peace of mind and the guarantee of its dependability.

Custom Glass Services

Our customizable glass solutions cater specifically to your individual requirements to ensure a perfect fit every time. Trust our precise glass cutting process to deliver seamless integration and exceptional quality in your custom glass installations, whether it’s for tabletops, insulated window units, or something else altogether. We are dedicated to providing personalized solutions that improve the aesthetics and functionality of residential and commercial settings. With our unwavering focus on precision and meticulous care, we bring your vision to life with unparalleled accuracy.

Stop by today and experience the Alamo Glass difference for yourself, or give us a call at (512) 452-5731 for more information about our wide range of glass solutions.