Glass in Manor

Alamo Glass, Inc. takes pride in our 50+ years of service to the wonderful Manor community. Our locally owned and operated company is renowned for our commitment to providing superior products and exceptional customer service. Our team is made up of the most professional, experienced, and dependable people, and they are each dedicated to bringing our customers’ visions to life. For those who demand excellence in their residential and commercial glass services, look no further than our company, which is fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

Our local presence is a testament to our contributions to well-known storefronts in the area, including Papa John’s Pizza, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and Schlotzsky’s. Serving corporate clients is an honor, but it’s even more rewarding when a local business hires us for a commercial glass project or when a homeowner in Manor trusts our expertise for a residential glass project. Rick Tipple, our owner, has curated a team that embodies his sincere commitment to excellence in glass solutions and his genuine love for Manor. It’s always a pleasure to serve another customer and take on new, exciting challenges. Visit us at our showroom on North Lamar (north of Airport Blvd.) during our Monday to Friday hours, or contact us now to discuss your upcoming project and how we can be of service!

Comprehensive Glass Solutions in the Manor Area

Alamo Glass is dedicated to providing a wide range of glass services to fit the specific requirements of your commercial or residential projects. Our seasoned professionals shine in commercial glass installations and repairs, emphasizing the crucial aspects of safety, beauty, and functionality. We have a deep understanding of bath and shower glass, providing luxurious enclosures and custom designs that elevate the ambiance of your bathroom. Our craftsmanship enhances aesthetics and improves the functionality of your space, ranging from decorative wall mirrors to vanity mirrors. Our meticulously designed tabletops exude elegance and charm, making them the perfect addition to homes or offices. Experience flawless door and window glass replacements that prioritize top-tier materials that complement your energy conservation and security measures. Delve into our textured glass selection, featuring a diverse range of styles that bring an individualized touch of elegance and privacy to any room. Your glass surfaces are in good hands with our glass company in Manor, where we strive to go beyond your expectations and achieve remarkable results!

Glass Replacement

Give your office or home a fresh look with our high-quality glass replacement services. Explore a world of possibilities with our tailored glass solutions, whether you’re looking for energy-efficient upgrades, new glass for cabinets and mirrors, or replacement tabletops. Count on the skilled professionals at our glass company for installations that flow seamlessly and utilize only the finest materials. Choosing glass replacement is not just about saving money by repairing objects instead of replacing them, but it’s also about enhancing the beauty of your space with a resilient and trustworthy option.

Laminated Glass

In commercial settings, laminated glass shines as a versatile and adaptable option for a variety of uses. Its soundproofing capability makes it a standout choice for office environments, conference rooms, and storefront applications. Its frequent use in safety glazing stems from its capacity to remain intact upon impact and its ability to minimize injury hazards. Connect with Alamo Glass for expert installation services and unparalleled performance.

Cabinet and Pantry Glass

Add a touch of personality to your kitchen by incorporating decorative cabinet glass or enhancing your pantry’s appeal with our variety of tempered glass doors. Our team’s expertise ensures installations that flawlessly marry style with functionality for an environment that is both visually appealing and practical. Choose from a variety of designs for cabinet glass, such as acid-etched, rain glass, frosted, and more. Personalize your pantry glass with tempered options in a range of shades, which allow you to create a look that complements your decor effortlessly. Upgrade your furniture effortlessly with glass replacement to bring a contemporary touch to your home.

High-Performance Glass Coatings

Uncover the remarkable possibilities our cutting-edge glass coatings can offer, like Low-E windows that are engineered to maximize energy efficiency and shield against harmful UV rays. Our glass shop in Manor hires skilled professionals who meticulously install glass with the goal of improving insulation for decreased cooling and heating costs. Discover the advantages of lower energy usage and enhanced comfort while safeguarding your indoor spaces from damaging UV radiation. Transforming your space using our high-quality coatings is both an eco-friendly and economical decision!

Plate Glass

When it comes to plate glass design, Alamo Glass sets the standard with exceptional services for replacements, repairs, customizations, and installations. Our team comprises skilled professionals who are proficient in working with non-safety glass, also referred to as “float glass.” When it comes to plate glass solutions, our glass store delivers excellence, durability, and aesthetically pleasing solutions tailored to your individual taste.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass, often termed safety glass, is renowned for its incredible resilience and safety measures. Its exceptional durability makes it a prime candidate for glass installation uses like windows, doors, and shower enclosures. We ensure that your tempered glass meets all safety standards through our meticulous approach. Our commitment is to provide you with invaluable reassurance and the certainty of its reliability.

Glass Repair

Opt for Alamo Glass for speedy and dependable glass repair services when you want to make sure safety and functionality are restored promptly. With precision and expertise, our glass service professionals address issues like damage, break-ins, insulation failures, and BB holes to ensure your space remains safe and secure. We’re here to take care of any glass-related accidents quickly and deliver a seamless restoration of your property’s integrity.

Custom Glass Services

Our diverse array of custom glass solutions is crafted to meet your distinct needs and specifications. Rely on our expert glass cutting approach for impeccable integration and premium quality in all your customized glass installations, including insulated windows, tabletops, and more. We work to deliver individualized solutions that enhance the aesthetics and usability of residential and commercial environments. Our dedication to precision and meticulous detail means that your vision is brought to life with utmost accuracy.

Decorative Glass

Upgrade your space by incorporating an eclectic mix of decorative glass types, including textured, tinted, and other specialty varieties. Experience personalized perfection with our tailored custom glass solutions, including options like beveled edges, custom sizes, and laminated options. Infuse charm and elegance into your home or office with our exceptional decorative glass offerings.

Textured Glass

Enhance your surroundings with our array of textured glass selections, including acid-etched glass, rain glass, frosted glass, and a variety of other options. Experience a mesmerizing and individualized aesthetic with our patterns, such as reeded, beveled, fluted, and glue chip glass. Each option boasts a unique combination of privacy and sophistication, harmonizing effortlessly with your design preferences while allowing natural light to filter in. Personalize your glass with conventional obscured designs or choose exclusive custom shapes for an uniquely enchanting ambiance.

Warranty and Quality Assurance

Our dedication at Alamo Glass is evident in our unwavering focus on quality and ensuring customer satisfaction with every product. Experience peace of mind with our 3-year glass breakage warranty and lifetime seal warranty, designed to deliver lasting protection and reliability. Our unwavering dedication to superior craftsmanship ensures the delivery of top-quality products that surpass your expectations. Our Manor glass experts consistently deliver reliable solutions and prioritize your satisfaction with exceptional service.

Tinted Glass

Step into a world of possibilities with our tinted glass options, featuring a range of colors like blue, bronze, gray, and green. Tinted glass is a popular choice among customers seeking privacy, an enhanced appearance, or reduced glare. Tinted glass is a staple in various spaces, enhancing visual appeal and functionality across residential and commercial areas, including partitions, doors, and windows.

Commercial Glass

Our commercial glass service is unmatched, particularly in the area of repairs. We handle a wide spectrum of tasks, from installing up to replacing or repairing windows, office partitions, glass doors, and storefront glass. With a team of experts at the ready, we can quickly and skillfully address any glass emergency, including BB holes, break-ins, accidental damage, or failed insulation units. Understanding the essential role of a safe and operational business environment, we prioritize rapid responses and trustworthy glass repairs to reinforce safety and security for your commercial property.

Window Repair

Renew the atmosphere of your living space through our versatile window repair services. Our proficiency extends to timely and proficient repairs for single and double-pane windows alike. The state of your windows plays a role in the energy efficiency, comfort, and curb appeal of your home. Count on our Manor glass service for reliable and efficient window repairs that elevate your home’s appearance and functionality.

Stop by today and experience the Alamo Glass difference for yourself, or give us a call at (512) 452-5731 for more information about our wide range of glass solutions.